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@Maxstate <--- Tired of quoting so I'll just respond in no specific order to your post. Darth Maul never ran away from Quigon, he was just defending while advancing towards the laser room. And against Obiwan he just had a short burst of speed when he had a window of opportunity to get away which did not last long, and don't go telling me that he could have run away an infinite amount of time, because that just is not true. How are you not insulting me? You are claiming that the only reason I want running more heavily penalized is because of a strategy that I may use up close. Not only is that a lie, you seem to believe that you know exactly what I am thinking and that I have hidden agendas on certain features. Another false assumption that you state as gospel is that I still play Movie Battles. I wonder where in the blue hell did you come up with this. By the way, I do not.

If you frustrate yourself over somethings said in the forums that is your problem. Grow up, someone disagreeing with you does not mean automatic flagging as enemy or frustration. Another thing, when did I say Dooku made the error? I just stated that sabers up close are lethal. Dooku did not make the error, Anakin just took the right approach and reeled his hands in and chopped them off.

And as for you proving to me that it is not easy in game to run, that is again, false. The only way you were ever capable of catching up to me was with speed, and even then, you still had trouble catching me. And once I got speed, you couldn't catch me at all, and I had much more ping than yourself also. And as for the whole running matter, what is enough attacking for you? I purposely lowered my force against Hoc ni and was easily able to get away. Usually defending takes away less force power than being offensive, so why wouldn't I have enough force power to use force sprint/speed? Hell, at Templar you always meditated before I even had to, so I don't see where you are coming with all of this. And of course I can only speculate on this force sprint because it is not actually in game <_< Bunny hopping was brought up because movie realism was part of the subject, which of course bunny hopping is not.

Dooku never intended to die in that battle with Anakin, and if he could have easily ran (much like you can in O.J.P.), he would have, or I would assume that anyways. And I think you are talking within the boundaries of what you see O.J.P. as anyways.

You can try to take as many cheap shots as you want at me, one being of making the false accusation that I still play Movie Battles, which I do not. Won't matter to me, and in the end just ends up showing how 'mature' you are... >_>
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