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My morning started off GREAT. yelled at tax collector person, then went w/my mom to best buy to pick up a computer desk, stopped at a place to eat, i ordered an omlet, then after we went to best buy and came home, i was gonna be late for work cause some road work was being done on the road on our way back...

so i called the store because i couldn't find the 1-800 number for calling off, got that number, then i called that 1800 number, which took forever cause it's automated and sucks. finally was transferred to manager just so i could say i would be 15 minutes late and wouldn't get in trouble for an 'unexcused tardy' -_-

got to work, discovered i was closing by myself....fine until 7pm, was there by myself then the madness kicked in around 7:30, 30 minutes before closing...ended up helping someone w/the damn picture maker forever, then some other guy that's kinda weird wanted me to help him find a cd, couldn't find it, so went back to helping pic maker people.....gah....ended up leaving 30 minutes late, while people were at the camera bar, i didn't have the keys to open it and didn't want to stick around for them to find out, as my coworker i think put them in her locker on mistake. -_-

sick of this ****. before i came home i just had to spend money because the fridge is empty...picked up some cream of wheat, milk, sliced turkey breast, sargentino cheese, and some bread, and also a ravioli florentine meal from smart choice cause it looked delicious.

Got home, put the smart choice meal in the microwave, my mom called and said that my dad looked over the tax bill and said it is for property owners, and that i should probably show it to my landlord.

I hope tomorrow I get two dollar raise at work. I ****ing deserve it.

"Without strife, the victory has no meaning. Without strife, one does not advance. Without strife, there is only stagnation."
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