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Thanks for the comments guys.

The emphasis on the traits is what was going through my mind on how AValonians should be. They are the kind of people that can inspect a situation and the are not the kind to back down easily. These traits are actually part of one of my characters for another story I am writing besides my archaeology story except this one is about a dead Naval officer who recounts his experiences from the dead through his granddaughter as they relate to her life. As you can see it is reflective of my nature; I prefer the internal examination thing.

As to the Japanese culture mingled into Avalonian culture, it is comingled with ideas from Buddhism and Confucianism, many Oriental cultures. The segregation and the camps and townships that were briefly mentioned here and are in detail in HotG are from South African history. Mostly I saw the Avalonians as a deep thinking people who write poetry and practice a code of honor with the sword. The code of the samurai always inspired me.

Anyway, thanks again for being loyal readers. I will have a new chapter up just as soon as I finish thirty-nine.

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