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Originally Posted by JRHockney*
Thank you for ending that rediculous argument of snide comments, and since you ended it (hopefully), you win no matter what the strength of your arguments were.

[begin moderator vet] CAN YOU GUYS POST WITHOUT ONE OF YOU GETTING PISSED OFF OR TAKING OFFENSE??!!! THIS ISNT THE MB2 FORUMS (no offense MB2 guys)!!! For the love I get off from work only to have to search the entire page to find the last non-snide/pissed off post to respond to because of these silly verbal duels. As a Moderator of these forums, I'm really getting sick of it. From now on, no smart a** comments between either of you PLEASE! Don't make me get out my trusty delete post gun! (loads gun)[/end moderator vet]

To be fair, I'll support removing the stops for the a parrier but not in any other situations because it is realistic and I do not want to see those old close range lightning strikes come back into our game as bad as they were before. Its still plenty possible to get close range at the moment and I dont want to see it as bad as it use to be.

I'm also ok with experimenting on the viewlock to see if it improves combat, but if it doesnt help much and ends up bring back the sabers going though people all the time like they use to, I expect that to be the end of this. This would better tested with a code server though and I'm not sure Razor has the means to set one up atm.

Oh yeah, and just for the record, the idea for the stops actually came from obi vs mual duel, but was originally meant to be used more with running. The way it ended up was more based on how we imagined we'd deal with a sword or saber collion in real life.
Sorry Hocks, I'm just sick of getting stepped on for having an opinion (and defending it)

I'll try not to create more arguments.

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