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Darth Quanon woke up ... still feelig slightly dazed he continued his search .
After a short walk he reached a big stone door ... closed ... Quanon tried different Force techniques , but the thing did not move an inch .

Darth Quanon was sure that the one he was looking for was at the other side .

"There must be a way to open this ... nothing can stop me now ..." : thought Quanon .

" Open " : he roared in many different languages . Nothing happened ... frustrated Quanon walked away from the door into another passage .

Much to his suprise this led him out , straight into the jungle .

And there , he sensed ... the other Sith his anger ... Fighting !

Darth Quanon ran into the jungle , following his instinct towards the fight .

He stopped and heard the noises of lightsabers clashing ... yelling of an angry voice .

Hiding into some bushes , Quanon looked at how the Sith defeated the Jedi ... the last one even refused to fight and pledged himself into service of the Sith .

Not sure what to do Quanon decided to see if the Jedi smashed into the wall was still alive .

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