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"I'll destroy you!" said the first spirit, coming at Draco with his lightsaber raised high, and brought it down to his head, but it did not reach it "what's happening?"

"My technique shows how weak you ghosts are, the Force has allowed me to stop your attack" said Draco, and then he used Force Scream, which banished the first ghost, for a while.

"You'll pay for that, I'll enjoy killing you!" said the second ghost , and he banished.

"Uhh.... he ran away, well this makes my job more..." and instantly, Draco felt the familiar sound of a lightsaber, and instinctly, he drop to a roll forward, the blade aimed at his head cutted only air "impressive, you can teleport"

"That's not the only thing I can do, Jedi!" said the spirit, and teleported again, this time, Draco activated his blade, and relaxed, the enemy will only attack if he remained still, so that's what he did, and the ghost returned, wielding his lightsaber low, ready for fast attacks, and he swinged the lightsaber at Draco, giving fast slashes, which the reb, could barely parry, amazed at the speed of th spirits, movements, and decide that he could not win by simply blocking attacks, so he did a backwards Force-flip, and he landed ten meters away from the ghost, and he deactiveted his lightsaber.

"You want to fullfil a deathwish? turn your lightsaber on and fight!!" said the angry spirit. Draco only stood there, relaxing and remembering a technique that Traya had teached him 5 years ago. Then the attack came, the ghost continued with quick slashes and was about to chop Draco's head off, when the reb moved so fast from his standing position that his motion was varily visible, the ghost was taken by surprise, "what is this devilry?" demanded the ghost, and Draco answered, "an old technique, handy for evading lightsaber blows, the Tera Kasi form."

"Imposible!!, that form has not been used for 2,000 years!, how could you know it?" said the ghost, angry that his attacker could humiliate him by using such a simple technique.

"That's something you will never know" said Draco, and released the Force Scream he had been powering up while the spirit talked, and because the ghost was so close, it inmediately banished him.

Then, Draco walked to the far end of the tomb, and found the mummy of Exar Kun, his objective. "At last" said Kreia, feeling the dark pressence of the corpse of the ancient Dark Lord "Exar Kun, one of the ancient Lords of the Sith, powerful in the Dark Side of the Force, shame he had to end like this, I saw much potential in him" said the holocron in a sad voice" it's time that he rose again, do the ritual now, while we are not being interrupted"

"Yes, misstress" said the gray master, and kneeled down, stated to recite the words of the ritual, that will release the dark energy of the tomb, and when he finished, the temple shook, like an earthquake was striking the whole planet, and a wave of energy shot out from the tomb that forced the reb to the ground.

"It is done", said Kreia, "we shall leave this place, Exar Kun must not know that we helped to release him, for it will hinder our journey" and following his misstress advice, left the tomb, and found that the Jedi were down, one was missing, and a Sith was examining the fallen body of a Jedi, so he decided to wait and see what happened.

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