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((Two points- if you wield two sabres at once, you will be using Form X - Niman/Jar'Kai regardless - other forms are single-sabre, IIRC. Also, it's Ziost, not Zoist ))

N'Dul returned his apprentice's thoughts ::Good...You have done well, my apprentice.::

With a nudge from the Force, N'Dul pulled his ship into position. Then, in his meditation chamber within the centre of the Sphere, he sat down. Find the balance-point. The median. Let the energy flow. The centre does not move, while the power pivots on either side. Be the pivot. Find the balance.. He could already feel the ancient hulks floating outside pulling themselves into formation. It did not have to be wildly accurate, nor particularly complex. Good. Then, with a simple tweak, he set them all for the same hyperspace co-ordinates, and launched to return to Ziost with his fleet.
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