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Originally Posted by Samuel Dravis
Why? There's more interesting things to believe in, such as furry monsters under the bed that disappear whenever someone looks for them.
Strange as reality is and our only little keyhole perspective on our universe you can't rule out nothing.

Originally Posted by Samuel Dravis
Perfectly plausible - I mean, no one's ever seen one (obviously they can't because they disappear) but everyone's heard about them. Why should anyone object to someone's belief in them? Would you think someone who told you that this monster exists was strange? A little off their rocker? If so, why?
As I will say again strange as reality is, you can't rule out nothing.
But I don't believe in monsters personally, unless you are speaking of aliens.

Originally Posted by Samuel Dravis
Would you tell them they're wrong when they try to get "In the Furry Monster we trust" on your coinage? At what point is it you say "enough"? What do you do when the leader of your country says he consulted this fuzzball when considering starting a war? Would you consider that perfectly rational behavior?
I won't tell anybody they are wrong in there beliefs, because I'm not the damn answer man.
Of course, I don't know everything either,
now these other questions you are asking here, sound ridiculous.

Originally Posted by Samuel Dravis
You're still taking a position on that. That's not necessary; there isn't enough information to say what happened with any certainty better than a guess. "I don't know" doesn't mean you think that the universe existed forever by itself.
Well, I'm not accepting with high certainty with the decision, that existence or whatever came from nothing.
How, else can anybody explain, that there is a beginning to everything, without explaining a infinite regression of creators?
Also I really don't like saying, that I don't know something.
So, I won't ever give up in trying to find the answer to a problem.

Originally Posted by Samuel Dravis
It means you really don't know and are not taking any position without reasonable evidence to suggest that it is correct. If you can't live with that kind of uncertaintly then this, and other problems like it, are most likely going to plague you for the rest of your life.
As I will say again, how the hell can anybody get this evidence, if we got to search infinity?
Well, there is going to be maybe, always some knowledge that we may never be certain of.

Originally Posted by Samuel Dravis
And all I'm saying is that so far, progress in the way of understanding has never been advanced by stating that an unknown factor is responsible for any given effect. You can say, "Aliens/God/Leprechauns did this", but does that really help you understand anything? Does it really make sense to create "explanations" that don't actually explain the phenomena?
The phenomena seems to be real.
Aliens; the government secrecy, UFO video, pictures, 10 millions of witnesses; Last I saw in a poll half the population of the people believe in UFOs and ET in the U.S.A, military contradictions for explanations for UFO phenomena; Venus, bulllsh*t!
Venus is everywhere?
Swamp gas( oh, that is my favorite one ) and weather balloons, with all the different shapes people report this explanation fails horribly.
Now, we can go into the conspiracy theories and whatever, but that was already discuss in the Pseudoscience of UFOs thread.

Originally Posted by Samuel Dravis
I suggest that it doesn't. A scientist won't discover a hyperdrive by testing out every random guess (at least not very quickly anyway ), people's futures won't be accurately foretold by an astrologer, and people's belief in things that don't have any evidence behind them will still be futile, however devout that belief.
There is no damn random guesses, there is some serious physics of interstellar propulsion and travel to consider; warpdrive, wormholes and maybe hyperdrive, but we would have to find if or what specific dimension of spacetime vibrate at, to phase in hyperspace.
I have been reading a physics book called, ELECTROGRAVITATION AS
A UNIFIED FIELD THEORY by JERRY E. BAYLES, it explain how gravity is a component of electromagnetism(also the possible unification of the strong nuclear and weak force with gravity and electromagnetism ), and some physics of hyperspace.
Well, in this book hyperspace is theorize, to be a location where electrons in atoms make quantum leap jumps through to other energy levels, that is define by quantum physics.
The book can be found here, if you are interested.

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