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Originally Posted by windu6
Strange as reality is and our only little keyhole perspective on our universe you can't rule out nothing.

As I will say again strange as reality is, you can't rule out nothing.
But I don't believe in monsters personally, unless you are speaking of aliens.
I'm not ruling them out. I'm saying that there is no current, verfiable reason to believe in them.

I won't tell anybody they are wrong in there beliefs, because I'm not the damn answer man.
Of course, I don't know everything either,
Would you tell someone that believes that babies come from storks that they're wrong? Why or why not?

now these other questions you are asking here, sound ridiculous.
Why do they sound rediculous? What gives them that quality?

Well, I'm not accepting with high certainty with the decision, that existence or whatever came from nothing.
How, else can anybody explain, that there is a beginning to everything, without explaining a infinite regression of creators?
Also I really don't like saying, that I don't know something.
So, I won't ever give up in trying to find the answer to a problem.
Let me tell you something: I really don't like not knowing something too. I think it's much more fun to know why something happens than to be forced to say I have no idea. However, that doesn't mean that I start believing in something for which I have no other reason to believe it.

As I will say again, how the hell can anybody get this evidence, if we got to search infinity?
Well, there is going to be maybe, always some knowledge that we may never be certain of.
I agree with you. There's probably going to be some things that we never find out. I just don't think people need to come up with an explanation where there is actually none possible. There's no reason to do so.

The phenomena seems to be real.
But it has a problem. There's no hard evidence for it. All it comes down to is personal opinion. While that may be enough for some, I don't see how it makes sense to utilize that belief in any sense other than a thoughtgame.

There is no damn random guesses, there is some serious physics of interstellar propulsion and travel to consider; warpdrive, wormholes and maybe hyperdrive, but we would have to find if or what specific dimension of spacetime vibrate at, to phase in hyperspace.
All the unified field theories in the past have fallen flat on their collective faces. I'll reserve judgement until it's proven, or at least provable. Until then, it is a guess (perhaps an educated one), which may or may not be true. I wouldn't start living my life around that theory if I were you.
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