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Draco returned to the temple entrance, where the Sith's ship had exploted.
"You did well" said the holocron "the Sith are no to be trusted, nor the Jedi, they both lie, and manipulate"

"And you do not?" replied Draco, a little afraid that he would offend his Master.

"No, if you are smart, you will not truat anybody, not even you" replied Traya, apparently unaffected by her apprentice's comment "now, what are you going to do?"

Draco came about the front temple door, and found the remains of a starship, no doubt Quanon's "just as I expected" he said "not all of the ship was destroyed, there are some of it's parts spreaded around here", he began to search for something, he walked around the area, looking for it, when he stumbled upon a piece of machinery, and he could see that it was still usable "I found it" he exclaimed "the communication computer, it's almost intact, but will need some kind of power source to use it"

"Where are you gonna get that kind of energy?" asked the holocron

"From one of my shotos" replied the gray master, refering to one of his short lightsabers "it will not do me any good at the moment, so I will use rewire it's power cell to give some energy to the console, it will drain the cell completly, so I better use it wisely"

"Very good, apprentice" said Kreia "your devotion to machines has proven useful"

And Draco started to transfer the cell's power to the console, it took him a few minutes, but it was better than staying in this jungle forever. H e finally got it working, barely, but he tried to use it anyways "the communication will only last a few moments, so I hope that a ship picks it up" and so he started to record a message, and set it to replay after each time it ended. "Help, please help me!!! My ship is down, please anybody, help me!!!, after he finished transmitted, he waited for any response, "what do you think about the message, very dramatic right?" said Draco with a smile in his lips "I could win a prize for it....." he was interrupted by a transmition from another ship.

"This is Republic scout ship Echo 369, contacted the down ship, is that he Jedi transport, over?" said a person, a female, from the sound of the voice.

Draco realized that this could be a search party, looking for the Jedi, so he took the opportunity "Yes, this is Jedi Knight Draco, from Master CSI's Jedi Academy, I'm glad to hear from the Republic, can you come pick me up?, I'm badly injured"

"Yes, please give us your coordinates and we will come pick you up" said the trooper

Draco gave them a location that leaded to a part of the jungle, some 450 meters to the west "Please hurry!!"

"We are coming, hold on!" replied the trooper.

After the transmition ended, Draco laughed at the foolishness of the trooper, this will get him out of here, and seve his purposes, then he started walking to the pickup site, ready to get out of this planet.

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