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Quanons fleet jumped out of hyper-space , under the command of R4-AA they surrounded the planet .

A small ships was send out to pick up Darth Quanon .
Once onboard Quanon looked back ; I hate this place , I hate everything and everyone . I hate the living ! .

"Prepare the operating theatre ." : he ordered .

" But Sir ... are you certain ... there is a change you might loose ... your life and or the Force ... " : replied R4-AA .

" Don't .... Just do it . I will purge this galaxy , sweap it clean . " : said Quanon

When he entered his capital ship , he finalized his plans ... None would stop him , no Sith , no Jedi , no Nature itself ... everything was corrupted by Force users and the only thing they had done so far was creating war and pain .

Meditating in his flesh form , Quanon let his mind free in the Force .

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