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Originally posted by Nancy Allen``:

Once again you miss the point.
I don't think I've ever "missed" one of your points, Nancy. If you can inform me of a point that I have missed, I will certainly address it, and be indebted to you for the opportunity.

Originally posted by Nancy Allen``:

You claim that religion makes you more susceptible to things such as propoganda. Frankly I thought you had more intelligence than that. Atheists are just as likely to be conned as someone who is religious, it depends on just how wily they are. Scams and people who fall for scams cuts across religious boundries.
First of all, Jmac's earlier post was absolutely correct. Once again you have either misread my post, or intentionally misrepresented what was said in the post. One of the two.

I stated that irrationality makes one more susceptible to either religion, or propaganda, or both. (Or any number of other irrational beliefs, for instance those beliefs that are commonly called "conspiracy theories", etcetera.)

The quality of irrationality is what causes people to believe spurious things. Religion is merely one possible symptom of this disease of innate irrationality.

Originally posted by Nancy Allen``:

To say people who are religious will be conned by things such as propoganda is like saying Doom is responsible for creating killers.
I never said that people who are religious will be conned by propaganda. That would be a ludicrous statement, and you're the only one who has mentioned it.

However, now that you come to mention the topic, there is one special type of propaganda that religious people specifically ARE more vulnerable to. Namely, religiously couched propaganda. The Bush regime's assertions that god is on their side, for instance. Islamic fundamentalists' similar assertion, for instance. Put "god" into your political polemic, and the religious will be more vulnerable than atheists to that particular brand of propaganda.

There's a quote that's attributed to Seneca: "Religion is regarded by the common people as true, by the wise as false, and by rulers... as useful." Of course the famous stoic died in the year 65 AD... but this statement is as relevant as ever. To leaders, religion- like any common delusion- is merely a useful tool to control the populace, and always has been.

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