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Draco arrived to the pick up site, and found a small ship already waiting for him, and a trooper that kept guard outside of it.

"Are you the Jedi?, you don't look hurt to me" said a trooper, who brought his blaster to attack position "don't move, I will shoot you if I have to!!"

Draco merely ignored the absurb words of the trooper, and use the Force to grab him, and then he raised him in the air, and finally used the Force to crush him.

"Hey Guren! are you alrigh....oh no, a Sith!!!" said another trooper who was coming to check on his buddy "Let's get out of here, there is a Si..." he didn't get to finish his sentence, because Draco's lightsaber sliced his head off.

"It's time for a new management to take over" said Draco, entering the ship, and after he killed the rest of the crew, he started to lift off, when a bombardment began, and Draco took the ship out of the planet, and into hyperspace, to search for CSI, the last of the Jedi.....

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