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Originally Posted by Spider AL
However, now that you come to mention the topic, there is one special type of propaganda that religious people specifically ARE more vulnerable to. Namely, religiously couched propaganda. The Bush regime's assertions that god is on their side, for instance.
Well I'm against the Bush regime's 'join us or die' doctrine even though I am a supporter of the belief that people have a right to believe in and follow religion.

Reading through the thread again I noticed something very interesting. You assert that a logical life is a moral life. Fair enough, but then you bestow yourself with the right and duty to criticise religion and other people's beliefs, I say you bestow yourself with it because when others criticise your beliefs and stance on Atheism you don't seem to like it at all. Then when asked you say you have no tolerance for religion. The truth is you cannot have it both ways, you cannot be moral and bestow yourself with rights and duties and have no tolerance for religion. If you are not tolerant you are not being moral. If you were moral you would respect the right for others to delude themselves as much as they like. I happen to think people delude themselves by following religion as well, but I respect their right to do so.
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