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Originally posted by Nancy Allen``:

Well I'm against the Bush regime's 'join us or die' doctrine even though I am a supporter of the belief that people have a right to believe in and follow religion.
Ah but every atheist in this thread (myself included) has made clear that they respect the right of a person to believe whatever the heck they want. That's not the issue.

We all respect the right to believe in whatever one wishes to believe in, delusional or not.

But does that mean that we have to respect delusional beliefs themselves? Nope. Does it mean that we should avoid TALKING about the delusional beliefs? Nope. Does it mean we should refrain from pointing out how illogical delusional beliefs are? Nope.

To "respect the right to religion" means that one never tries to force anyone to discard religion, either through physical force or through laws restricting belief.

But once and for all: Logical critique does not qualify as "forcing" anyone to do anything. This is the last time I'll bother to say this, either you get it or you don't... Pointing out logical flaws in someone's assertions isn't violating their rights. Period.

Originally posted by Nancy Allen``:

when others criticise your beliefs and stance on Atheism you don't seem to like it at all.
Nonsense. I have pointed out that all the criticisms of atheism so far have been utter nonsense. That doesn't mean that I "didn't like it".

Actually I enjoy the cut and thrust of good debate. So the more detailed the criticism, the more I like it, because it affords me the opportunity to logically disprove it in interesting ways.

Originally posted by Nancy Allen``:

If you were moral you would respect the right for others to delude themselves as much as they like
Once again, I respect the right of people to delude themselves any way they want. But we atheists also have the right (and responsibility) to point out logical flaws in any and all delusional belief systems.

That isn't infringing the rights of religious people, it's exercising our own rights.

So atheists who logically criticise religions are perfectly morally justified in doing so. End of story.

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