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Name: Epihoitan
Age: 40
Species: Human (But psychicly affected some time or other in his life)
Eye Color: Orange
Hair Color: Brownish-Black
Picture and/or Description: Wears the simple garb of a desert farmer, and, usually, an unnervingly collected, mocking expression
Home world: If he had a real home planet, he's forgotten
Political Affiliation:zip, nada, noodle.
Melee Weapon: Carries no weapons, but he can fashion sort of weapons of energy, like lightsabers, using the Force.
Color: Of lightsaber? Then N/A.
Long Range weapon:Pretty much the same as melee weapon
Enemies: The old Jedi order/ the Sith
Bio: Epihoitan was one of the masters of the Republic who was most pwerful with the Force. So powerful, he didn't need weapons or troopers. But during the final times of the Republic he lost faith in the Jedi and became a lone wanderer, decided to do what little he can to unite the galaxy.

And I'll start. By the way, someone should decide the location this is taking place at. If noone else, I will.

I step into the scene. "Hmph. Always fighting each other. I'll give the Jedi this much, they were united."

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