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You have no idea...

But it's MY reporting back to work that I really worry about... I'm bound to get some odd looks once people realize what I'm really thinking most of the time. I do bite my tongue quite a bit, I'm afraid... then post here later to do all the spleen venting like a raving lunatic I've been holding in all day.
My reputation is shot if this all gets divulged, I'm afraid... Or maybe not... I'm not all that sure what exactly my reputation is at work to begin with... perhaps it's so low already that this couldn't possibly harm it.

Then there's all the most unfortunate divulgings about my personal life (or, more specifically, the almost complete and utter lack thereof...)

Of course, if any female were ever to bother digging through any of the older threads, I'm pretty sure the contents therein will scare her away for good. I doubt few of them would have the fortitude to make it this far...

Hell, we started this very thread six days ago with discussions of discolored testicular discomfort... that really should be enough to keep us covered.

Anyway, we might have a bit of a temporary reprieve... she told me recently that she doesn't have a computer or internet connection at home, so it's unlikely to be an issue for the rest of the weekend, since the place is closed until Monday.

Again... the effects of a head swimming with a nasty sinus cold and a bloodstream thick with pseudo-ephedrine just pretty much destroyed any of normal filters I have in place to prevent exactly this sort of thing from happening.

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