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Originally Posted by Samuel Dravis
And I asked why it was rediculous. What makes the idea rediculous?
Ok, Samuel I will deal with your annoying questions.
It is ridiculous because the question concern a Furry Monster, also what the hell is this furry monster?
Also the questions are meant to get me into a trap.
I'm not falling for it.

Originally Posted by Samuel Dravis
I submit that anyone who will believe in anything regardless of lack of evidence etc, are not, in fact, openminded - they are instead credulous. Anyone who refuses to drop a belief when there is zero evidence for it is not acting rationally.
There is no damn "zero evidence" concerning aliens.
Look, this discussion is getting us nowhere, fast.
Originally Posted by Samuel Dravis
Is it a bit harder to keep a secret for 50 years? How about doing that for hundreds, if not thousands, of people?
If you still believe there is no secrecy whatsoever, then you are a casualty of the government lies of the past 59 years.
Your perception of the honesty of government just would've to remain maimed.
Because you trust the government and the military ridiculous explanations,
to strongly.
So, good luck with that!
Originally Posted by Samuel Dravis
If you aren't willing to be convinced, then. That is true closemindedness. Skepticism doesn't mean you reject everything; it simply means you don't hold unjustified beliefs. If that means rejecting some beliefs that you currently hold, then that must be done if you want to retain your rational integrity.
Skepticism is a disease of the imagination.
I don't want to catch it.
You aren't going to convinced me that the governments of this planet isn't keeping secrets of alien contact.
I don't... trust them.
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