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Originally Posted by windu6
Ok, Samuel I will deal with your annoying questions.
It is ridiculous because the question concern a Furry Monster, also what the hell is this furry monster?
It's the furry monster under the bed that vanishes when you look for it, of course.

Also the questions are meant to get me into a trap.
I'm not falling for it.
If there's a trap, it's one of your own devising. I can't manipulate logic. Answer the question, even if only to yourself. Then try applying that same reasoning to other things that are similar.

If you still believe there is no secrecy whatsoever...
I specifically was talking about the improbability of government conspiracies involving aliens. I'm sure the government has secrets. I fully expect the government will do what is best for the government, and that might not always align with the good of the people.

Skepticism is a disease of the imagination.
I don't want to catch it.
You aren't going to convinced me that the governments of this planet isn't keeping secrets of alien contact.
I don't... trust them.
A disease of the imagination, eh? Explain how you will determine which of these is most reasonable:

The effect of lightning is caused by:

1) aliens using mind powers to create a bolt of lightning because it looks cool

2) muppets that live in the 28th dimension stomped their feet

3) god wanted to smite a bit of turf (or someone unlucky enough to be in the way)

4) it's a natural weather effect that happens when there is a difference in the electrical charge between the clouds and the earth.

Does this mean that we need to go running off to find the aliens or muppets or whatever in order to actively disprove that they're not making lightning work the way it does? Hardly. Why is that? Because all ideas are not equal in merit. When one doesn't have credible evidence to believe in a statement like some of those simply doesn't believe in them. There's no benefit to doing so, and it impedes actual progress. I'm sure you can understand - If you don't have any system of seperating the bad ideas from the good, then it's going to take you a long time to get anything done, isn't it? A really long time.

Being skeptical doesn't mean that you dismiss any idea permanently, or promote one as the "Truth." That would go against the whole idea of openmindedness. Skepticism is simply a tool to seperate the chaff from the grain, reality from guesses, and a useful tool it is. I would never say that aliens could not be making the lightning - but I might say it's pretty unlikely. If more evidence comes up that makes the aliens doing it more plausible, I'll switch to that view. Until then, I'm going to stick to what I can find out right now. No guessing, no lying to myself on things I don't know about. Just looking at things the way they are, as best I can.

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