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Originally Posted by windu6
What do you mean of course, I still don't know what hell you are talking about.
That's only to be expected I suppose. They do vanish when you look for them. However, I say they exist!

Your questions are meant to manipulate me in agreeing with you, because if I answer either one of them incorrectly, I will have to logicaly agree that I will tell people they are wrong on some of their beliefs, because of inconsistenties or contradictions in my answers to these ridiculous questions of yours.
Very good, although any answer to those questions would likely make it impossible for you to continue with your position as-is. I didn't make you take those positions, though, did I? You took them. Now decide if you will answer or not. It's your position - defend it. If you can't defend it, change it to something more logical.



Again, this is the same situation as the furry monster scenario. Why are these ideas rediculous?

Of course there is.

Still you are being manipulative here.
I'm simply attacking your argument. If you don't actually believe something that would follow logically from your answers to these questions, then say so and change your argument so it isn't vulnerable to that point of attack.

I note you didn't answer how you'd figure out which one is most correct - will you answer that question? Are you openminded enough to risk having your current ideas challenged and perhaps replaced?

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