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As flames began to comsume the planet of Yavin IV, three of Kraakan's leitenants walked out of the flames towards the corpses of the fallen Jedi, which hadn't been touched yet. They had large containers that they put the corpses in and also gathered the belongings Quanon had thrown away. Above them a shimmering shape, which one could think as an effect of the fire, suddenly decloaked and landed amoung them flames. The leitenants brought the containers into the ship and it took off, jumping into hyperspace when it left the orbit of the planet.


Kraahkan stood over the corpse of Jabba the Hutt wearing a hooded cloak and being six feet tall now, his double blade staff dripping with blood and the corpses of bounty hunters littering the palace.

Sometimes it's eaisier and more effective to do things the bloody way, he thought to himself and he started laughing. Tatooine and a majority of crime in the Empire were now under his control.
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