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Could be a spot of fun before it gets to that point, though. I think Nute is due...

I'm not sure which fate would be worse:

To be miserable and depressed because the relationship you are in ends disasterously...

To be miserable and depressed because you sat on your hands and the relationship never happened, and you are now fated to spend the rest of your life wondering "What if..."

As a long-time practitioner of option number 2, I highly recommend against it whenever possible. I suspect that the lasting, bitter emotion doesn't feel much better than what's behind door number one. And at least that way you can die knowing that at least you gave it a shot...

But then,.. look who's talking.
Take my advice as the bitter ramblings of a too-old failure in all the ways of love that they truly are... and with the many, many grains of salt it deserves.

In other news: I have all my windows and doors open at the moment. It's currently in the mid-60s here now, and supposed to get a bit higher before the day is over.

This is just wrong.

I've got to take a shower and see if I can get myself out of the house for a brief trip to the store. I still don't feel all that great... but I'm running out of some things.

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