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I guess that's probably a good advice. Just do it quick... like ripping off a band-aid.

Something tells me there might just be something there on her side as well, though... I don't really think women approach men to move in with them if they don't actually like them. I mean, they're not stupid... She must know you are harboring some feelings for her by this point (unless you are truly the greatest actor that the human race has ever created...), and yet she still offered this arrangement. She must know that if you did move in together that you would probably see it as an invitation to different things of some sort...

Perhaps this could be her way of forcing your hand into making a long-delayed move?

Anyway,.. since I'm out of my element, ("Shut the **** up, Donnie!") this will probably be the last I have to say on this particular subject...

Despite my still sickly status, I managed to get some grocery shopping done, and I started my laundry. I was out of everything. Far more dirty clothes than baskets to carry them in... (and I have a LOT of baskets, since I usually go so very long between doing it...)

I re-watched some DVDs between loads: A couple of episodes of "Band Of Brothers" (was this like the best series ever produced for TV or what?!??) and "Intolerable Cruelty" (One of the very first things I reported watching back on the day we started these threads back in '05, I believe. I desperately needed a Zeta-Jones fix. God she's luscious! Oh... plus that signature snappy Coen brothers dialog... but mostly Catherine, if truth be told... Just like I mainly watch Mythbusters these days to see Kari. The rest of the show is just gravy...)

My bedroom window is still open at this hour, letting in fresh air. This is just bizarre. And wrong. Just so very, very wrong.

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