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so l'll start

Im a dark Jedi knight and an imperial right now lm in a ISD on our way to Hypori to get rid of the sepratists. my name is Darth Reaven

Me:How far away are we til we get there trooper
Clone:not very far away now sir wait were here now
Me:good we will land emidiatly
Clone:yes sir
Merepare for the land invasion lets go

Star Wars Galaxie Player:

Several Alts

Main Character: Venuew Louthmic
Strongest Weapon: Forward Command Knuckler
Poffesion: Entertainer
Level: 90
Pilot Level: Advance Fighters skill level
Favourite Armour: Katarn Armour (clone armour)
Owns two pets
High leveled Beast Master
Very Powerful moves
Server: Ahazi
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