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it's like florida winter. though tonight is a bit cold out. was alright, last hour i just bullshat on the damn computer training stuff for like 20 minutes before getting further bored and just walking around the store looking at merchandise, making sure it was safe.

Finally got home at around 11:20, my landlords had my parents and sister over for pizza and were kind enough to let a few slices for me, so i had that...was starving as my bank account is nearly drained and all i could afford for lunch (at 6pm) was a salad.

My landlords also let me borrow 'Lady in the Water' I liked it, not as good as the village....if i would've seen it sooner i would've been laughing because of that one customer at walmart and my coworker saying 'his needle is stuck'......but it's just not as funny anymore.

uhm...I took a motrin before going to work, and i dunno after i got there it was like i was quick at getting work done, as i got there and like not even a minute, BAM i'm by myself for like 45 minutes, dealing w/the customers+film processing+having to get 2 day develop film...but it wasn't too busy at least, I'm still getting tired of the place. Think I set a record in time stayed the longest or something. Let's see, the only other job i stayed at for over a year was pizza hut, that was...from november 2002-march 2004, 1 year and 4 months. walmart i started like june 2005, and it's january 2007, so beat my record by TWO months. It feels like I have been working there forever. Things will brighten up in a month or so.....because my satisfaction is ****ing guaranteed, bitch!

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