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There's a lot of stuff about the whole thing I need to find out, like if she was even serious about it, before I really start trying to figure it out. After the first time she mentioned it, it seemed like it had been sort of a throw away comment. I had just dropped a class and was forced to have to come back for spring 07 to pick up my final last i'll be done forever college class and was telling her that I'd really miss her when she left in march. She'd mentioned "its too bad you didn't graduate or you could move to florida with me." A few weeks before that she'd mentioned me helping her move down there. I'd said "ha, that'd be weird" and quickly changed the subject! Then like two weeks later, she said something like "i wish you could move to florida with me" in front of her parents after I'd mentioned that I was going to be spending new years in tampa.

also you may notice that I can't actually move there anyhow, because I couldn't move anywhere at all until the end of may whereas she moves in early march

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