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Originally Posted by Henz
None of that bothers me as every example was merely an assumption that was later defined.

The gay-ness' of the colouring in the DVD editions... Are they all present in the 2 disc releases with the original versions too, or did they fix them?
Sorry, but the 2004 Special Edition of each of the movies ("disc 1" on the 2006 release) is the same here as it was in the 2005 "Limited Edition" and the 2004 Four Disc set.

It hasn't been fixed or changed at all except for the lettering on the disc label. The colors are still wrong... nothing's been fixed.

Thankfully the colors in the "Bonus discs" (disc 2, theatrical editions) are accurate.

I guess to summurize how I'm feeling at the moment.. the 2004 Editions would be far less offensive to me if the sound and video/color gaffes were all fixed up. But I couldn't justify buying them a third time just for that... (I have purchased them twice now, once when I got the four disc set and when I purchased the three 2006 sets).

Then I think I'd just consider the 2004 SE's to just be lame. As is I have to consider them "broken." They're like a hugely hyped and much anticipated game that comes out full of bugs and remains unpatched.

Had I known that Lucas was going to release the 2006 sets back in the day, I would have skipped buying the 2004 package, and just caught the "Bonus Materials" disc 4 on rental or purchased it seperately on

Now I hear the supposedly "Limited Editions" are still widely available. So much for the hype!

The 2006 "theatrical versions" on the bonus discs are good, but not complete. Had they included the original theatrical soundtracks as an option and anamorphic widescreen they'd be perfect, though. Add the long missed deleted scenes and vintage documentaries as bonus material and you'd have the ultimate OT DVD experience. Too bad Lucas doesn't have the sense to do that...

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