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It's pretty crazy, actually. Several reviews call it an "unintentional parody" of fundamentalist Christianity.

"Beware the evil musicians!" is my favorite line so far. See, heavy metal musicians are of the Devil, and
While bullets do fly, more important is “spirit” - the saved have it, everyone else doesn’t. As your units pray and sing, glowy spirit balls fly around between them. The evil rock musicians and nurses can counter with their own glowy balls of, uh, anti-spirit I guess, by playing the guitar or swearing (although you never actually hear any bad words). According to the game, every time you swear, a Christian loses faith. No ****ing ****. Two down!

Honestly, isn't religion meant to promote tolerance?
One of the principles of Christianity is to "Love thine neighbor like yourself". Another is to stone to death whoever tries to get you to worship other gods.

So it's more like tolerance of those who agree with you. Unless you take the "love the Sinner"-doctrine into account.

It's a great disservice to the religion when people start spouting this crap.
I don't know about that. Left Behind is an incredibly popular book series, although probably the vast majority of its readers are Christians. I wouldn't be surprised if it hasn't converted quite a few people.

Edit: Oh, and did I mention that the game is full of misleading lies about evolution and science?

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