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Originally Posted by StaffSaberist
Never noticed, I usally use Speed with rolls.
speed with rolls is hardly any different to speed and run, which is nothing compared to strafing with speed, try a ctf server sometime and you will see (or even a decent tffa server)

Originally Posted by StaffSaberist
See, Heal gets more healed at a time. Plus, you don't need to be in range of an opponent to Heal. In the biz, we call that a "tactical withdrawal" or "0MFG MY H34l1h |z 4t f|\/e l3mm3 h34l!"
this assumes that you can escape from your opponent, which you wont be able to do via rolling. also assuming you are dueling there would be a limited space for which the fight to take place. if it was pure ffa then dying would hardly matter. you heal once and they drain you wont have much force left and will be sitting duck for the rest of the fight

Originally Posted by StaffSaberist
Rage. Now there's a useless force power. Not as much speed boost as Speed, takes away health and makes you slower afterward. Where's the upside?
rage can be very useful in siege. e.g. assaulting in korriban, knocking down kataing jedis on desert. also in mass ffa and you want quick kills rage is also good
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