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Originally Posted by darth kav
mace would not stand a chance against ankakin when he's darth vader any way back to the point sidious let mace defeat him so anikan would full turn to the dark side and after ani cuts mace hand off sidious pushs mace away with powerful thunder bolt and for some one who is weak could not do that.
Yeah, whatever!
Believe that if you must.
Mace would've kick both Anakin and Sidious ass if it was no movie.
Sidious is weak and a coward; if he could had defeated Mace he would've and not whine like a punk for Anakin's help.
Sidious got his ass kicked, no question.
Anakin flashy fighting style is no match for Mace Windu's quick and deadly lightsaber strikes.
And Darth Vader, well we don't know that for sure.
But by playing the Ep. III: ROTS video game and looking at Vader fighting style,
Mace would have kick his ass as Vader I bet, with his quick and deadly fighting style in that game.
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