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Hilarious stuff. I think I shall buy the game just for the irony value of the act.

Normally, I would say "if one is irrational enough to allow such a blatantly stupid game to affect one in any way, one is necessarily damaged goods to begin with." But in this case, this seems to be less of a game and more of a propaganda document, which bludgeons the player over the head with judaistic dogma presented as fact. So it might well be more effective at changing the opinions of the impressionable than your average game.

Still, I think it might make more people laugh at fundamentalist Christianity because of its sheer ludicrousness, which would be a good thing of course. So it could backfire on the fundies.

Originally posted by Dagobahn Eagle:

One of the principles of Christianity is to "Love thine neighbor like yourself". Another is to stone to death whoever tries to get you to worship other gods.

So it's more like tolerance of those who agree with you. Unless you take the "love the Sinner"-doctrine into account.
Yep. In point of fact, it's one of the great tragedies in the history of dissident philosophy that stories about an activist trying to point out the immorality of judaistic dogma (Jesus) should be pervertedly lumped in with the barbaric old testament, to form the bible.

I mean, the broadly philosophical teachings of the character of Jesus (whether he was real or merely a fictional amalgamation) have no place alongside the morally bankrupt old testament. And to link the vindictive weather-god of the old testament with the much more new-agey concept of a forgiveness-based-divinity... is quite possibly the greatest PR coup ever staged by the intolerant fundie set.

Now old-testamenteers get to hide their bigotry behind a shield of apparent morality... because they get to call themselves "Christians".

It's similar in a way to the debasement of theravada buddhism (essentially based on a philosophical treatise) into the theistic form of mahayana. The main difference between mahayana and other irrational theistic beliefs is that mahayana hasn't been responsible for many atrocities worldwide. Which is admittedly a considerable saving grace.

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