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Originally Posted by darth kav
yer but in the video game vader's blows are powerful and deadlly but slow but mace's are a bit faster and a lot weaker so vader will kick his ass.
The slow blows of Vader, works to Mace's advantage in combat; Mace has the quickest slash strikes that are also very powerful.
But that was in the game, but the quick slash with a hot lightsaber would quickly had ended Vader if it was for real.
Vader strikes takes to long, Mace would've quickly dispense with him in that time.
Originally Posted by darth kav
and anakins are to fast for a old timer like mace it proven in the film he slice's mace hand off before he can even moves
That is because, Mace had put to much trust in Anakin, he knew Anakin had conflicting feelings that later lead him to the darkside, but Mace decided to trust him, he didn't expect Anakin would betray him in that scene.

Also that was meant to happen anyway, everybody knew who is a Star Wars fan that Mace was going to loose anyway, when that scene arrived.
But if Mace was given a fair chance, he would've quickly dispatch Anakin, Anakin's over confidence also, would've quickly done him in.

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