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Originally posted by Nancy Allen``:

I read that on New Years a boy in America watched the execution of Saddam and then imitated him, hanging and killing himself when it went wrong. Surely this would have to be the greatest tragedy of the former Iraqi leader being put to death.
The fact that a man has been effectively executed by a lynch-mob is a tragedy in itself, whether the man was guilty is not relevant to the question.

The fact that unrest among Sunnis in Iraq increased following Saddam's execution is a tragedy, as will be any extra violence perpetrated during this increased unrest.

The boy hanging himself in the US is also a tragedy.

But frankly, I find the idea of handing out points and keeping score, and otherwise deciding which of these tragedies is "the greatest"... to be in extremely poor taste. I also find the fact that you automatically consider the only one of these tragedies to occur on US soil to be "the greatest"... to be very telling.

Originally posted by Nancy Allen``:

With Iran, the threat had been made, and with Palestine the threat is real and currently exists, not to destroy Israel as Ahmadinejad wants, but to attack Israel, to kill innocent men women and children with no concern for whether or not people from other countries are involved,
Here you tacitly admit that neither Iran nor Palestine has the capacity to destroy Israel. That's good, we can move on.

As for your stereotyped analysis of the violences committed by Palestinian individuals, it's one-sided. I personally don't agree with the targetting of civilians under ANY circumstances. And so as a moral man I must automatically acknowledge that while some Palestinian militants have killed Israeli civilians, Israel as a state, through their vast military might, has killed MASSES of Palestinian civilians. And intentionally so. Israel has as a state committed many more awful atrocities than Palestinians have as individuals. And that's to be expected, since they're essentially a brutal occupying force on non-Israeli lands.

Originally posted by Nancy Allen``:

in Palestine's case with no concern that it is brother killing brother, Jew killing Jew. Do we ignore it?
I'm not sure what you mean by "jew killing jew". Palestinians are mostly muslims, with some christians... and a few of the jewish faith that Israel doesn't recognise, as a rule.

As for whether we "ignore it" or not... Well, by perennially (and exclusively) supporting Israel's atrocities, we are actively contributing to the horrible situation in the middle east. Which is worse than ignoring it.

Originally posted by Nancy Allen``:

So you say, however people have written to me complaining about the arrogance and condescending tone of your posts. If I can just bring up Atheism for a moment Atheism may be something a lot of people want, even need, and they would benefit greatly from it, yet they are scarred off because of the way some present Atheism.
Well since you haven't sent me that PM containing the constructive specific criticisms that I asked for, I have no choice but to dismiss your assertions of "arrogance" as merely self-serving and malicious.

As for this comment on atheism, it's the same weighted nonsense that you dragged out in the atheism threads, and it was comprehensively picked apart in those threads. If I were you, I would have left such a bedraggled old off-topic assertions in those threads. They certainly won't be addressed by me in this one.

Originally posted by Nancy Allen``:

Truth be told only the very best of us can see faults in ourselves.
Ahhh, how true. How true.

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