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Natalie Portman is Israeli by the way, and a staunch supporter of it.

With whatever Iran and Palestine plan to do to Israel, or the Middle East or America, even if they do not have the capacity to destroy any of them they have the capacity, now, to destabalise countries and any political or peace movement. If they can somehow put together a nuclear weapons program such as Iran, or Ahmadinejad, would like to, they can desabalise them that much more. I really don't know where you get the idea that Israel is perpetrating atrocities against Palestine, I really don't. Maybe you feel that they should not retalliate against suicide bombings or kidnappings. Maybe you're upset that Israel's alligence with America is evidence that it works, or that it's with America. Or maybe you simply feel that Israel has no right to exist, full stop.

As for your request to give a blow by blow account of every arrogant and condescending comment you've made I recall no such request, and even if I did I wouldn't waste my time satisfying your ego doing so. People see it plainly, enough so for the mods to be on your back about it, which is good enough for me.
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