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Well, Nancy's post contained nothing on-topic, so while I will address her points, I will begin by sharing this interesting on-topic editorial by Jerry West, a Canadian dissident:

Justice: not served but denied, By Jerry West

It gives a most informative timeline for Saddam's career, and US/UK involvement in his reign of terror, the first Gulf war, the illegal invasion of Iraq and Saddam's subsequent illegal trial and execution.


Originally posted by Nancy Allen``:

Natalie Portman is Israeli by the way, and a staunch supporter of it.
Ah well, if some actress who appeared in some Star Wars films says Israel's in the right, it MUST be so. Especially considering how great her performance was.

Honestly, this comment of yours has to be the single most hilariously irrelevant comment I've ever read or heard on the topic of Israel's conduct. I mean, I like one or two of Portman's performances on film... but I don't look to entertainers to inform my political views, and I encourage you to avoid doing so as well.

Originally posted by Nancy Allen``:

With whatever Iran and Palestine plan to do to Israel, or the Middle East or America, even if they do not have the capacity to destroy any of them they have the capacity, now, to destabalise countries and any political or peace movement.
Ah, then you DEFINITIVELY admit that neither Iran nor Palestine has the power to destroy Israel, or even rival Israel in terms of military strength. Directly contradicting your earliest statements in this thread.

That's good.

Originally posted by Nancy Allen``:

I really don't know where you get the idea that Israel is perpetrating atrocities against Palestine, I really don't.
But you WOULD know, if you ever obtained your news from any sources other than rabid neoconservative sources.

For instance: An Israeli human rights group (not a Palestinian one) B'Tselem, released a report just last month, (entirely based on their own field work) stating that in the year 2006:
  • Israeli forces had killed at least 660 Palestinians, at least 322 of whom were verifiably non-combatants, 141 of whom were children.
  • By contrast, in 2006, Palestinian militants (despite their most dedicated efforts) had killed only twenty-six Israelis. 17 of whom were civilians, 6 of whom were military personnel.
In case your calculator isn't working, that's a ratio of over 25 to 1. That's not a "conflict". It's a one-sided massacre. Which we are indirectly responsible for.

Source: Reuters.


That's a recent death toll. Let's look at some other Israeli crimes.

How about hundreds of Palestinian children being held without trial in Israeli prisons in the same population as Israeli adult criminals, being abused, being used for forced labour and being harshly interrogated by Israeli security services, all in violation of international law and common decency?

Check. (Defence for Children International)

How about Israeli destruction of the homes of tens of thousands of innocent Palestinian civilians?

Check. (The UN)

I mean, I could go on all night. I wish it weren't, but the list of Israeli war crimes and atrocities is almost endless. That's just a few for you to mull over.

Originally posted by Nancy Allen``:

As for your request to give a blow by blow account of every arrogant and condescending comment you've made I recall no such request,
Oh really? Then you can't have been reading very carefully. In post #24, only four posts up, paragraph three, I stated:

"However, never let it be said that I'm closed-minded. If you want to go to my first post in this thread, and edit it so that it is no longer what you would call "arrogant", and then PM me the edited version, I will surely look at it carefully and dispassionately evaluate the changes you make."

You not only failed to meet this simple, constructive request, you ignored it completely. That's answer enough. Weak arguments + malice = non-specific and generalised unfounded accusations.

Unless you decide to make your criticisms constructive, I'm not going to pay any further attention to them.

Originally posted by Nancy Allen``:

People see it plainly, enough so for the mods to be on your back about it
What? I don't think I've even received a PM from a mod since I joined the forum in 2002. What in the world gives you the idea that "the mods" are "on my back"? Strange.

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