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Originally Posted by Samuel Dravis
That's only to be expected I suppose. They do vanish when you look for them. However, I say they exist!
You must be joking, you know you don't believe in no damn furry monster, with the arguments you are presenting here.
Originally Posted by Samuel Dravis
Very good, although any answer to those questions would likely make it impossible for you to continue with your position as-is. I didn't make you take those positions, though, did I? You took them. Now decide if you will answer or not. It's your position - defend it. If you can't defend it, change it to something more logical.
Defend it, please!
That is the best you can do, try to manipulate me in agreeing with you?
You want me to defend bullsh*t ass questions, I don't think so.
Your attempted manipulation fails, horribly!
Of course, damn I should've figure this out earlier, if no one chooses skepticism, they are always illogical.
Is that the best you got?
Can you do any better?
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