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Originally Posted by windu6
You must be joking, you know you don't believe in no damn furry monster, with the arguments you are presenting here.
Defend it, please!
He doesn't need to state he believes in the furry monster, he's just saying that there might as well be a furry monster hiding under your bed as there might be aliens in the sky. The amount of hard evidence for both is the same.

That is the best you can do, try to manipulate me in agreeing with you?
You want me to defend bullsh*t ass questions, I don't think so.
Your attempted manipulation fails, horribly!
Of course, damn I should've figure this out earlier, if no one chooses skepticism, they are always illogical.
Is that the best you got?
Can you do any better?
His questions are an exercise in thought processing, not in determining an actual answer. Skepticism, by the way, is not a black and white affair like you play it out to be: a healthy dose of skepticism is very useful in nearly everything you do, but it shouldn't be your only judgment of events. It's not like you have to either believe in Skpeticism for everything or you don't.

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