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Originally Posted by Tyrion

His questions are an exercise in thought processing, not in determining an actual answer. Skepticism, by the way, is not a black and white affair like you play it out to be: a healthy dose of skepticism is very useful in nearly everything you do, but it shouldn't be your only judgment of events. It's not like you have to either believe in Skpeticism for everything or you don't.
Hmm...let me see here...skepticism of global warming.
With the threat of living under the sea and freezing their asses off in a possible Ice Age, some still are skeptical of global warming.
I don't see this skepticism very useful, I can't swim and I despise the cold.
And I definitely don't want to experience a possible Ice Age in the coming decades.
What else?
Ah, yes!
Some believe global warming is a hoax.
Of the all the ridiculous arguments I have ever heard, this one must come from the residents of la la land.

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