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Dak ran over to a barricade like thing and jumped behind it. He knodded to two others behind the wall, then aimed around the corner and fired at a droid feet from the wall. In the background Dak heard the commander yelling again, "There getting to close to us we're going to have to fall...." as he got shot straight in the head, splattering blood everywhere onto men.
"Get down soldiers. They've got snipers over there," yelled the second-in-command, that now, was the new commander. Dak peeked around the corner fired and right as he pulled his head back a blast came right past his head. He rubbed his head, as th commander yelled, "Fall back now, men!" Dak noticed all the men standing up and running back to the wookie fortress. Dak stood still behind the wall and waved to the men.
"Come follow me." They agreed and started after him. Dak jumped over a defense wall that was broken cover firing for the men behind him. "Hurry up. The others are getting ahead." He noticed droids coming around the barricade they were just behind and rasing their guns at the soldiers.
"Get down!" Dak yelled, as the soldiers fell to the ground. Dak aimed his sniper at the droids and fired at the droid in front knocking it down into the one behind it. "Okay go!" The men climbed over the debris and behind the wall. They looked to their sides, as droids were coming around the gate running past them to the fortress. "Hide behind these bushes, hopefully the ones coming to us won't notice.

The droids that shot from behind them came through the hole in the wall, scanned the area, noticed some dead rebels on the ground up ahead, and then started towards the fortress. "We're screwed." Ash Urland said, another private in the same division as Dak.
"Just stay here for a little until they notice us or they let down charging the base, then we might be able to find somewhere to go."
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