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Originally Posted by Nancy Allen
Actually there is considerably more evidence to the existence of UFOs than there is of Bigfoot, for example docuemented reports of strange aircraft. Secret experimental aircraft? I'd buy that, but how come none of our fighters in the past fifty or sixty years have remained the same and never taken such a shape, even VYOL aircraft such as the Harrier and Osprey?
And there's been constant anecdotal accounts from scared children that there is a monster under their bed. While the analogy isn't fair, considering aircraft pilots probably have a better mind of presence than the aforementioned children, there's still little evidence of aliens in the sky beyond such accounts and blurry homemade videos.

I refuse to let go of the possibility that in the universe, which is far too vast in scope for us to explore, we are it. That there is no intelligent life out there. Truth be told we could use it soon if it exists as we are quickly running out of it here.
I never doubted that there's intelligent sentient life somewhere in the universe, I'm skeptical though that they ever entered our atmosphere.

Originally Posted by windu6
Hmm...let me see here...skepticism of global warming.
With the threat of living under the sea and freezing their asses off in a possible Ice Age, some still are skeptical of global warming.
I don't see this skepticism very useful, I can't swim and I despise the cold.
And I definitely don't want to experience a possible Ice Age in the coming decades.
What else?
Ah, yes!
Some believe global warming is a hoax.
Of the all the ridiculous arguments I have ever heard, this one must come from the residents of la la land.
So wait, because some people are skeptical of things that obviously are makes skepticism itself invalid?

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