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Originally Posted by windu6
Hmm...let me see here...skepticism of global warming.
With the threat of living under the sea and freezing their asses off in a possible Ice Age, some still are skeptical of global warming.
I don't see this skepticism very useful, I can't swim and I despise the cold.
And I definitely don't want to experience a possible Ice Age in the coming decades.
What else?
Ah, yes!
Some believe global warming is a hoax.
Of the all the ridiculous arguments I have ever heard, this one must come from the residents of la la land.
Those you mention above are pseudoskeptics, people who pretend to use scientific skepticism to invalidate the overall consensus of science itself. The tactics they use are not accepted by true skeptics since they have clear and preconceived conclusions and the only data they accept is that which supports it. Very often, the pseudoskeptic ignores, irrationally rejects, or is otherwise completely ignorant of data that contradicts their preconceived conclusions.

And this is a prime example of a Casual Approach to Evidence along with arguments from ignorance, both of which the pseudoskeptic wallows in.

There is no damn "zero evidence" concerning aliens.
Then where is the evidence? The universe and this galaxy may be teaming with life, some of it intelligent, but there certainly isn't any "evidence" of it.

Skepticism is a disease of the imagination.
I don't want to catch it.
This is a comment that demonstrates that you haven't the first idea of what being skeptical truly means. Educate yourself.

You aren't going to convinced me that the governments of this planet isn't keeping secrets of alien contact.
And this is a comment that reveals that you either have some testable evidence that you keep private (unlikely) or you're simply credulous.

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