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The strongest evidence, as I've pointed out, is the photos of what appear to be alien spacefraft (I'll stick with the term UFOs because they are Unidentified Flying Objects) and wonders such as the Egyption pyramids. Sure, the photos may be of experimental aircraft at the time, the interesting thing is, and this doesn't prove there are alien UFOs, that no aircraft that has been developed looks anything like in the photographs. To be fair though in World War Two the Nazis were developing a stealth plane, or bomber, cannot remember which, the Ho IX, and only in the past fifteen years have we seen something similar is in the F-117 stealth bomber. With the pyramids I understand that even today we do not have the technology and know how to do them, and the thinking is that they couldn't pull it off themselves. Of course this doesn't prove the existence of aliens, the people who built St Basil's Catedral were blinded so they could never duplicate their efforts, but this is what people are saying.
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