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Originally Posted by Nancy Allen``
The strongest evidence, as I've pointed out, is the photos of what appear to be alien spacefraft (I'll stick with the term UFOs because they are Unidentified Flying Objects)
Photos? There've been numerous photos of alleged alien spacecraft, but none have been validated and many if not most have been shown to be complete hoaxes.

Originally Posted by Nancy Allen``
and wonders such as the Egyption pyramids.
There are many wonderful things about the ancient Egyptian culture, but as an archaeologist, I can assure you there's nothing evident of space aliens.

Originally Posted by Nancy Allen``
With the pyramids I understand that even today we do not have the technology and know how to do them, and the thinking is that they couldn't pull it off themselves.
That's not the thinking of anyone educated on the subject. It is, however, the thinking of many significance-junkies and mystery-mongers. We have a very good understanding of how the pyramids were built as well as when and by whom. The pyramids and other material remains of ancient Egypt are well worth studying and have many mysteries, but none of them relate to space aliens.

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