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Originally Posted by windu6
The only evidence that will satisfy you, if you could have a beer with one of the Grays.
"Grays?" The very word reveals your credulous nature. You've shown that you have a head on your shoulders through many of your posts, but your personal incredulity is seems to be taken advantage of by your desire for the fantastical to be true.

Originally Posted by windu6
The video evidence is bullsh*t, the pictures is bullsh*t, the millions of witnesses is bullsh*t, the governments lying and contradictions for explanations is all bullsh*t, right?
First point, please refrain from using the level of vulgarity that you do. Not only is it offensive to the intellect, but it *is* a rule violation of LF to bypass the auto-censor in the manner you do. Moreover, it detracts from the intellectual portion of the discussion and I may even edit or delete future posts where excessive vulgarity is used. Consider this a warning.

I've yet to see visual evidence that had any credibility nor does an appeal to the anecdotal accounts of "millions of witnesses" hold any weight. Lots of people believe lots of things. Eyewitness testimony is among the very worse that can be called "evidence." Governments lie about much -it's in their nature. But I've yet to see the evidence that any governments have lied about space aliens. The fantasy of space aliens has its roots in the science fiction of the 40's and 50's, which deeply seated the notion in the minds of readers and cinema buffs. The meme of space aliens has only lore and mythology surrounding it and not a shred of hard, physical evidence that can withstand testing.

Evidence is that which is testable, verifiable or reproducible in such a manner that it supports the hypothesis. It either exits or it doesn't. The skeptic, who can hold that an idea is possible, refuses to accept extraordinary claims that lack appropriate evidence.

Originally Posted by windu6
Skeptic: someone who habitually doubts accepted beliefs.
But I believe a skeptic doubts everything, that they don't experience with all their 5 senses.
But then if that is satisfied, they will probably still question it.
Your definition is and under-educated an ignorant opinion that comes no where near being accurate. As a pejorative one, I'm sure it gives you comfort, but it's ignorant and under-educated nonetheless.

Please feel free to cite the most convincing evidence for your space aliens. We're all waiting. Start with the most convincing, though. Lets not waste time debunking the silliest.

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