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15, if you have knee problems, and they are in your medical records, you may need to fill out forms for an exemption, I had to because I had surgery on my left femur. They really dont wanna pay for medical stuff that they didnt cause, or lose your service due to a very foreseable injury.

Nute: um thats pretty wierd, might as flesh it out, tell her, shes leaving ANYWAYS so it its a big NO........who cares

ed: I would only ever consider the air force if you were flying, although a coworked did special inv./spec ops there, but hes a rarity in the AF.....also did a 2.5 year tour for the IDF that the AF let him out for 2.5 years for.

I start going back to school today, just one class, its just wierd thats all, thought I was mostly done with this BS in my life now........

one week with no contact with the gf down, one to go,

she thinks its wierd that I got grouchy that she bitches we arent seeing each other for a week and really misses me, but she made the choice to wait till today to come back to school and not stop to see me( her parents live north of me, school is south) and she bitched all day yesterday she was bored and had nothing to do, telling her that her boredom and lack of seeing me is of her own doing made her grouchy and cry-y.............women...........I swear, if it werent for the joy of sex and the stupid sense of attachment...............
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