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Rebel MC30 Frigate Hassle


Man.. what do You guys think of this - in FoC -
implemented new spacevessel?

It is absolutely insane! They have not many
weaponslots - as far as I see - there are 4,
but even Stardestroyers get blown away a bit easyily
(in Galactic Conquest). The vessel they are weak against
are tie-bombers. wtf!? And the rebels come in with them
in waves about 10 to 20. Just as You start thinking "ah
I can make it" there are 3 or 4 more of them! And more,
and more...

And their special weapon!? Oh man!

I hope they make them in a further patch a bit easier to beat

Well, makes playing as imperial more challenging the 55 planet-

Aaargh!! I h*** them I h*** them
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