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Well, I made the experience - with difficulty set
on medium - that they attack with frigates in masses
and they match me out in numbers by about 3 to 1 or
higher. Not seldomly I destroy from 10 to 20 MC30s
(and not only them, also assault frigates and Nebulas)
and they are nasty as they move also very fast and
I throw the bombers against them to kill the engine first
to make them a better target.

When they come in with about 30 Frigates, its getting
really difficult (or the comp cheats or bugs?). T

Last time, over Corellia I just got my butt kicked as they
destroyed my fleet with an ISD, some VSDs and Acclamators
and a Level 4 spacestation. It would have been much bader,
if didnt have a hyper-V gun on the planet. With a 2nd fleet
later I got the system back. Also very dependent on the hyper
v gun.

But their attacks are just very nervy. But I guess they cannot
produce capital ships (dont know if they own Calamari). I have
Kuat and Fondor. The only capital ship I encountered yet was
Admiral Ackbar's one. The Zahn Consortium didnt attack me ever
at all (why that?), they just sabotage me.

But well, even Rebels need a chance to win (I h8 them, haha)
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