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Originally posted by MasterRoss08:

Yes we should but what should we do with these people that ordered and support these terrorist acts on people that are living life like anyone else?
We should do something civilised to them, if we really are civilised people.

Take Saddam as an example:

We should have tried him in a legal court, a court that was set up under international law. That would have been civilised.

We should have charged him with ALL his crimes, not merely the few crimes that he carried out without our direct assistance. That would have been very civilised.

And of course, if we really were civilised we wouldn't have invaded Iraq in the first place. Killing hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians just for financial and political profit is DISTINCTLY uncivilised.


Originally posted by Nancy Allen``:

Wow, just wow.

I wonder if you would have gone on your little tirade if Natalie Portman wasn't Israeli. With that you have really proven every thing I said, and seeing as the mods having to deal with this BS (yes mine as well) is a weekly and sometimes even daily occurence, I have placed you on my ignore list, and encourage others who you upset with your statements to do the same.
1. Jmac and ET were quite correct, my earlier post had nothing to do with Natalie Portman, except for one paragraph expressing my mirth that you would even mention Natalie Portman in a debate on Middle-Eastern atrocities.

2. I think, in fact, that I have logically dis-proven everything you have said, rather than "proving" it as you claim. And the fact that you have offered no counter-arguments in the last three posts would seem to bolster my assertion. Take Israel's atrocities for instance. You denied there were any, I showed there were many, you had no response except to ignore me. People can draw their own conclusions.

3. I consider it the most immature form of cop-out to ignore things just because they "upset you". You will never find out the truth by ignoring people who disagree with you, and to do so reveals a lack of interest in the truth.

4. Having said that, I doubt that your inability to see what I type will affect your ability to absorb what I type, as you never seemed to absorb a single thing I posted in the past even when you could read it.

So in my estimation, our respective situations are not worsened by your action. C'est la vie.

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