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To answer your question Pottsie, no I did not take this from HotG and stop pestering me about putting it in the archives. I am trying to edit it!!!! I noticed grammar error and continuity issues that I am trying to resolve. The dream sequence is a prediction of what will come.

igyman: Yeah it probably should have been separated but I slipped into a theme that the two traveling parties should be placed in the same chapter if possible and things like with the baddie and the Senate proceedings in the same chapter. There is a loose connection there and I intentionally put it that way.

The whole dream sequence was my intention to bring about what was previously discussed with Atton and is remenicent of HotG: you have to face your past. You can run and hide of even pretend that it's not there but eventually you have to come to terms with it. Forgive me but I have a big thing for stories with meaning and the whole deeper meaning thing. Too many Eng lit analyzations that carried over into cultural analyzation. The reunion that I inserted on Tatooine was my blatant attempt for Kiera to get to know a certain scoundrel better and what better way than to do that through the kid. Working on a new chapter that involves a Mandalorian and some more suprises til the big showdown.

As to another trilogy, I have to think about that. I could continue this line of thought but I am seriously considering rewriting my Lost Tales of Revan. I just have to see what happens.

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