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ET Warrior

Just a quick note to say welcome to ET Warrior!

In case you haven't noticed, ET's nom de forum has been added to the list of moderators here at the Senate Chambers.

We all know ET and he's been moderating for quite some time and has been a regular at the Senate Chambers from probably day one!

Welcome, bro.

I'd also like to take a moment to remind those that haven't already done so to review the stickies at the top of the thread list. Even I tend to review these from time-to-time. The Senate is a different kind of forum from the rest of LF. Things can get a bit heated in some discussions and that really is why this section was created. For those that weren't here in 2003, Yoda's Swamp was the place where most of these types of discussions occurred. C'Jais and I (as well as others) were avid participants in a Jedi Outcast server and had fun and lively discussions about the game, but we also got caught up in "serious" discussions about politics, religion and the like. To give those that didn't want the Swamp cluttered with such "seriousness" OnlyOneCanoli and Matt decided to create a specialized forum.

It used to be that this was the place that discussions that became "serious" in the Swamp were moved to, but it quickly became a subforum of its own, with a very active set of regulars.

But being "serious" and having "passionate" discussions doesn't mean we can't be friends, at least on some level. If you look through the thread history, you'll notice that I've had some passionate disagreements with members like rcarr, but I've a lot of respect for the guy. Its also important to remember that there will be those with whom you disagree and who will have opinions that you may find offensive. That's the nature of this forum. Don't take it personal if someone calls you wrong and shares their opinion why.

Maybe I'll go through the thread history and create a post with a list of the "Best of the Senate Chambers," perhaps with a summary or review of each thread. A sort of meta-discussion about past discussions.

In the meantime, please give ET Warrior a warm welcome and stroke his ego a bit (j/k).

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